To research your genealogy, begin by having a few facts.  Names of modern ancestors will help you trace your family backwards.

If you are looking for someone specific, having an occupation for that person, the name of their spouse or child, or an approximate location of where they lived it will make it much easier to find them.

Talk to your relatives, find out as much information as you can. Sometimes family members will be able to provide clues they don’t even realize they are giving you.

Ask the locals.  Someone might remember your family member or their children. They may have even gone to school with them.

Write it down! Write down everything whether you think it is important or not. It will help confirm the details later and it may be the missing clue you’re looking for.


The Society has an extensive genealogical collection including the publication Settlers of Putnam Valley, Their Ancestors and Their Children, compiled by Eric R. Peterson, which is available for purchase or research.



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