Get Involved

There is always a need for volunteers!


Transcription of old documents: Volunteers are needed to transcribe old documents including wills and indentures into searchable, digital files.

Sunday Docents: Sunday Docents are needed to open the museum on Sunday afternoons to show the exhibit and assist with research questions. FULL TRAINING will be provided.

Archives: Even the most amateur archivist would be a great help. No experience? no problem.

Photos: Digitization of the photo collection and entry of photographic information into the database.


If you are interested in volunteering please call the museum at 845 528 1024 or email

One Comment on “Get Involved

  1. Hello, my name is L Robinson. My grandfather Oscar Marx Jr. born in 1899, was raised in Lake Mahopac. My great grandfather was Oscar Marx Sr., had a general store in Lake Mahopac. I am told that it was located across the street from today’s high school. It is an apartment now. I have pictures that you may be interested in. I have some pictures of the store. I live in the Austin, Tx area, but I would love to help any way I can.

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