Annual Meeting in 2.5 weeks

As mentioned earlier, Our American History for the month of October will be during our annual meeting and reservations are required as it is a catered affair.

Please note – there are newer flyers for our annual meeting that say “luncheon” instead of dinner. We’re meeting at 1:00pm and a buffet will be available (it’s included in the $40/person). For some it may be breakfast or brunch (second breakfast, anyone?), for some it may be lunch or linner, or maybe even dinner. Or supper, we suppose. And lets not even get started on whether the chicken parm is served with sauce or gravy. Regardless of what meal you consider to be in the early afternoon or what you call the delicious red stuff on top of chicken parm, we hope you’ll join us. There’s still time to reserve your spot – you can pay via PayPal in the top right section of our website, send a check in the mail, or drop by the museum on a Saturday to pay in person. Kindly RSVP by October 6th.

Mt. Rushmore & Dinner

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