It’s gonna be May (and our 2019 opening)

We are just a little over two short weeks away from our exhibit opening for 2019. On Saturday May 11th, after you go to the PV library to listen to local author Vincent Dacquino share the story of Sybil Ludington…


…you can head on over to the museum to check out Putnam Valley: The Prohibition Years, our first exhibit of 2019.  We’ll be trying something different this year that seems to have worked many years ago – more than one exhibit per year. Every two months (coinciding with Our American History dates, so you can make it a day of local history), the topic will change while still being loosely connected to the first exhibit. This will give us 3 different exhibits to share with you, and give you at least 2 more reasons to make a repeat visit to the museum.

Also new this year, in an effort to attract younger crowd, we’ll be planning a few programs at the museum geared towards school aged children. Each program will last approximately 45 minutes and include a take-home item. The first program will be announced in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out here and on Facebook. Our members will also receive information in the mail.

And since it’s never too soon to be thinking about Halloween, pumpkins seeds were recently planted at the back of the museum property. Hopefully, right around Town Day, we’ll have a nice crop of pumpkins in the yard. What will we do with all of them? That’s a surprise you’ll have to wait for – only 153 days until the first day of autumn!

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