Historical Markers and Signage

Everybody has seen them driving around the area, but do you actually stop and read them? Most commonly you see the blue and gold signs, with a quick paragraph about the area in the general proximity of the marker. They’re easy enough to read if you’re stopped at a light or riding as a passenger, but some are off the main roads. We don’t have too many here in Putnam Valley (some of the photos below are of the same sign from different angles or a closer position) but we want to know – where else do you think is deserving of a marker? There’s been an increase in interest of the old driving tours of Putnam Valley, and we’ve recently decided to take another look at revamping/reorganizing the tours into a more complete look at the town. A perfect socially distancing way of spending an afternoon – and this is definitely a more down the road (haha!) project but we’ll be asking for volunteers to help pull it together, so keep an eye out here and on Facebook for more information!


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One Comment on “Historical Markers and Signage

  1. Are there any plans to erect a sign near the location of the Wood St Cemetery? No headstones are visable, however, Revolutionary soldiers were buried there. It would be a shame if they were forgotten. Thank you for reading my comment. Sincerely, Cathleen Romanych

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