We’re Baaaaaaack!

It’s been quite a while! In 2018 and 2019 BCE (before Covid era) we had Our American History, we had visitors at the museum, we had local history outings….and then suddenly we didn’t.

To mark the start of our comeback, we invite you to join us as we offer you a day of historical society fun, cramming a whole year into a few hours. Being mindful of everyone’s safety, we’ve decided to bring it outside.  Primarily as a social distancing measure but also because the capacity in the schoolhouse is less than 30 people, and we want to see WAY more than 30 people. We’ll have our annual meeting, a larger than life yet at the same time fun sized edition of Our American History, handmade crafts that you normal see at our holiday boutique, and more.

Bring a picnic lunch or step on up to the food truck for your lunchtime needs (starting at 12:00PM) and if you could go for something sweet afterwards, we’ll have that too. Do a little early holiday shopping while supporting your friends and neighbors, and most importantly enjoy a beautiful fall day in the park. We’ll see you there!

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