Happy 207th Birthday, Putnam County!

Somehow, it’s already June!

Friday June 14th is Putnam County Day and every year, area folks and organizations are recognized on Putnam County Day for their contributions to and efforts concerning local history. This year we are very pleased (and proud) to announce that our very own Michael Bennett, member and super volunteer, will be recognized for organizing the Our American History program/lecture series.

2019 PC Day

And speaking of Our American History, it’s the second Saturday of the month again! The last time we had the pleasure of sitting down with local author Deborah Rafferty Oswald, it was a cold and snowy March morning. She shared her research methods and inspiration for writing her book The Girls of Haviland. Haviland is a school for girls inspired by the old Drew Seminary in Carmel.  Deborah’s since written a sequel, and we’re welcoming her back during much nicer weather! Join us this Saturday morning as she shares her continued research methods and updates us on what’s happened in the life of Jay McKenna.

Beyond Haviland

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