Halfway through the year already!

First, an update on the pumpkins.

It seems the rabbits have discovered them. The very cute, tiny hopping bunnies along the back fence appear to have munched away at the biggest leaves. Not sure what that means for the livelihood of the rest of the plants, but we’ll get more seeds in the ground this weekend and try to block them off.

Second, an update on Our American History. We have a change in the topic for July. Sarah Johnson will still be our speaker, but we’ll be hearing about Putnam County in the Great Depression –  the relief efforts, how our residents coped, and what they did to help their neighbors.

Great Depression

We’ve also updated the yearly schedule for Our American History. Our award winning organizer has added a date in August (the 10th at 10:00am) for The Space Race: “Houston…the Eagle has Landed”. For those of you old enough, do you remember that amazing summer of 1969? What were you doing when man walked on the moon?

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